In his 10 year career as a computer game developer and software designer, Richard has served in many roles – having headed his own game studio, CyberMyth Games, for a number of years – and has worked on a wide variety of  learning products, apps and games. Richard is currently leading a small team in the development of rTunes and Jelly Phonics, in addition to an accompanying management system which, among other things, will provide analytics reporting to parents and teachers for these and future RISE products.

Richard runs his own online learning website, CMG Academy, and is instructional director of IAI, providers of the official Stencyl exam, as well as a registered, qualified, and experienced teacher, having worked as coordinator of the full-time FETAC level 6 game design and development course at Cenit College for 4 years. His speciality subjects include 3D Modelling & Animation, Computer Game Programming, Web Development and Design, 2D Image Processing, Game Design, and Desktop Audio. He is also a published technical author (Stencyl Essentials, 2015).


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