Highwood Education offers educational advice and support for educational companies, schools, e-learning development studios, and other organizations seeking direction in the purchase or creation of its own content. Consulting includes support in the following areas:

  • pedagogy and instructional methods
  • curriculum mapping (CCSS, CEFR, TOEFL, etc.)
  • design styles and product look and feel


Highwood Education provides services in all phases of digital design and development to provide clients with products that directly suit their target audience. The Highwood team has expertise in the following areas:

  • instructional design (lesson narration, on-screen text instruction, activity creation)
  • graphic design (animation, character design, screen layout, UIX, illustration
  • early learning storybook readers (fiction, nonfiction, poetry)
  • voice-over audio, music, sfx, song composition, animated and green screen videos


Highwood Education’s proprietary engine and 32 interactivity templates allow for the development of lightweight, cross-platform, and highly interactive lessons and gamified activities that address different learning styles and needs. Templates and tools include:

  • 32 interactivity templates that can be easily skinned to produce bespoke digital content for clients
  • level editor for quick and accurate placement of animated and interactive props on screen.
  • efficient development tools (asset debugger, activity script macro for integrating all assets, single screen loading technology, etc.)

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