Educational Consulting

Highwood Education offers educational advice and support for educational companies, schools, elearning development studios, and other organizations seeking educational direction and collaboration. Highwood’s strengths lie particularly in English language learning and a variety of mainstream K-12 academic subjects, including math, science, social science, and professional development.

Design and Development

Highwood Education provides services for all phases of educational digital design and development, including project scoping, subject matter expertise, instructional design, graphic design, audio, video, music and sfx, and software development. Software development of all products includes high-level gamification, assessment, video, and other multi-media components. Highwood has the capability to build proprietary management systems or can adapt and build for existing systems.


Attica is a subsidiary of Highwood Education established exclusively for providing research and development in online education and training services to large companies, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations with large employee cohorts that are highly operational. Attica is committed to providing real-time solutions, particularly in training and continuous professional development (CPD), through a number of different multi-media offerings and across various devices and platforms.

Highwood Team

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