Singing the words and phrases helps my child remember the words better. – RISE mother

When my students dance and move to the rhythm of the song in the video, they use TPR (total physical response). TPR makes them do movements to words, so the movement works as a memory device. – RISE Stage K teacher, Daheng Learning Center, Beijing

(Translated from Chinese) My child can’t say to me the words that she has learned in class, but she can sing along to an entire song video. She seems to learn better through singing and dancing. – RISE parent

Many of my very young students are shy. They find it hard to stand in front of the class and speak in English. But when I play the song videos as whole-class instruction, these shy students have no problem singing and dancing with the others. The videos help the shy students gain confidence to speak English. – RISE PreRISE teacher, Xingjiefan Learning Center, Beijing

Repeating the phrases makes my child pronounce words correctly. – RISE parent

(Translated from Chinese) As a mother I don’t know how to support my son in learning English, because my English is not good. But the parent videos are very helpful for me. They explain what I need to do and how I can help my son. – RISE mother

(Translated from Chinese) My son finds it hard to sit still. But he will sit at the computer for 45 minutes and play the rTunes games without moving. He repeats the words and enjoys playing the games again and again until he gets all of the questions correct. – RISE father


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