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rTunes is an online music video product for English language learners between the ages 4 and 8 and their parents. The product offers 12 engaging educational song videos with catchy original tunes in a variety of musical styles, led by child actors who act out and dance along to the lyrics. Each song video deals with two or more different educational topics relevant to English language learners, and each of the 12 song videos is accompanied by four additional videos and a variety of follow-up educational games that reinforce the topics learned.

Each of the 12 song videos is accompanied by:

  • a funny song introduction video introducing the style and purpose of the song
  • a karaoke version of the song that allows the student to sing along to the song
  • a parent-child activity video that gives parents a fun offline activity to play with their child to reinforce the topics learned in the song video
  • a game introduction video that introduces parents and children to the game section of the product and gives advice to parents on how they can support their children
  • Two game areas providing scores of game activities that reinforce the topics and concepts introduced in the song videos

rTunes offers singing and dancing fun for the whole family to helps students and parents understand and speak English more confidently.


Song Videos

The 12 song videos are the main features of the product, presenting catchy, original songs written exclusively for RISE. The songs are in a variety of different song genres, sung and performed by professional singers and musicians, and acted out by professional child actors against vivid graphic backgrounds. The songs make English fun to learn. Children can use the subtitles to sing along, and they can dance and move along with the actors as they learn many different learning topics – from the names of animals to the syllables of words. The songs are so engaging, children won’t even realize that they are learning English!


Song Introduction Videos

Each song video is preceded by a funny song introduction video that introduces parents and children to the style of the song, the instruments used, and features that make each song special.


Karaoke Video

Students are also offered a karaoke version of each song so that they can be the lead singer of the song itself! This version presents a video of the song with the vocals and/or subtitles removed so that the student can learn the English words by singing along with the lyrics.


Parent-Child Activity Videos

Each song video is followed by parent-child activity video that presents an offline activity or game that parents can do or play with their children to reinforce what was learned in the song video.


Game Introduction Video

Before each game, an introduction video instructs parents on how to assist and support their children as they play the games. Each introductory video explains which English language topics have been introduced in the song videos, their relevance to English language development, and how the follow-up game will help reinforce the topics. Parents are then given advice on how they can support their children as they play the games and also provide offline support to reinforce their learning.



A game section in the product provides two game activities for each of the 12 songs. These activities provide an opportunity for children to reinforce and assess what they have learned in the song videos in a fun, interactive game environment.


rTunes allows children to learn and reinforce their general learning skills in English through singing, dancing, and playing. And it provides parents with many opportunities to get involved too, supporting their children and learning English as a family. With rTunes, “playing is learning”.



Singing the words and phrases helps my child remember the words better. – RISE mother

When my students dance and move to the rhythm of the song in the video, they use TPR (total physical response). TPR makes them do movements to words, so the movement works as a memory device. – RISE Stage K teacher, Daheng Learning Center, Beijing

(Translated from Chinese) My child can’t say to me the words that she has learned in class, but she can sing along to an entire song video. She seems to learn better through singing and dancing. – RISE parent

Many of my very young students are shy. They find it hard to stand in front of the class and speak in English. But when I play the song videos as whole-class instruction, these shy students have no problem singing and dancing with the others. The videos help the shy students gain confidence to speak English. – RISE PreRISE teacher, Xingjiefan Learning Center, Beijing

Repeating the phrases makes my child pronounce words correctly. – RISE parent

(Translated from Chinese) As a mother I don’t know how to support my son in learning English, because my English is not good. But the parent videos are very helpful for me. They explain what I need to do and how I can help my son. – RISE mother

(Translated from Chinese) My son finds it hard to sit still. But he will sit at the computer for 45 minutes and play the rTunes games without moving. He repeats the words and enjoys playing the games again and again until he gets all of the questions correct. – RISE father


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