The RISE Handbook for Writers is a series of four books designed and written exclusively for RISE to help RISE teachers teach, score, and correct student writing from Stages 2 to RISE UP. The four Handbooks for Writers are:

  • RISE Handbook for Writers: Stage 2
  • RISE Handbook for Writers: Stage 3
  • RISE Handbook for Writers: Stages 4, 5, and Pre-Middle
  • RISE Handbook for Writers: RISE UP Levels 1 and 2


Each Handbook is made up of the following sections:

  • Introduction (giving an overview of each Handbook)
  • Writing Rubric (presenting the categories for assessing the quality of student writing and a score card for assessing student writing in each category)
  • Correction Symbols (for marking student writing)
  • Writing Samples (for explaining the requirements of different writing assignments, providing student samples of writing and how these are marked, and showing how they are scored in an accompanying score card)

The Handbooks are used by RISE teachers to understand more fully what is required from students in the different writing assignments at every stage and how to assess the students’ writing by using a rubric, specific correction symbols, and a score card for grading the writing.



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